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Fairy catch

close up
Hub took down the dead tree in the back yard last week and I asked him to leave the little stump for a fairy spot.  I found this cute little cage at a resale shop that I turned into a fairy catch.  The bench was purchased in the doll house furniture section at a craft store along with the paper Mache snail.  I used air dry clay to make a little bee keep.  Inside the catch is some sphagnum moss and….low and behold we’ve already caught a fairy!
                               DSC_1103     fairy      
The little grands will love this.


  1. How cute :)

    I just love little fairy gardens or gnome gardens too.

  2. Stopping by from Kathe With an E's link up. I think you were right after me in linking up :). I love fairies and fairy gardens! In fact I want to make one someday. I have a fairy collection and I hide them in plants indoors at present. This looks really cute and how fun for the grandkids. They will love it! Have a magical day, Rebekah @ weliveinspired

    1. 1st step is to move one of those pots to your patio!

  3. How cute is that?!! I'll bet your grands love it.


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