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Bathroom reveal

for what it's worth-jeannie    
My mom has degenerative arthritis.  She has bilateral knee implants and is undergoing hip replacements.  She has been living on her own on the farm where I and three siblings grew up.   The small shower in bathroom #2 is not ADA compliant in any way, so while she was hospitalized and rehabilitated for 2 and 1/2 weeks, my two brothers and one sister in-law removed the cast iron tub and carpet from her bigger bathroom and completely remodeled it.  As with all remodels on old homes, there were plenty of unplanned repairs needed. 
The drain from the tub and toilet were rusted and corroded almost closed.  My talented brother removed a portion of the cement foundation and replaced the ruined pipes.  THAT WAS MAJOR. After the older brother built up a shower pan he built a short wall to separate the shower and toilet area. 

IMAG0546       for what it's worth-jeannie     for what it's worth-jeannie 

Mom loves birds, so her new bath has plenty of those too.
2013-02-27 16.58.35for what it's worth-jeannie2013-02-27 20.14.20

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The Demolition & re-building

The thing about remodeling is, you never fully know what you're getting in to. There wasn’t enough of the original brown tiles to complete the bottom in brown, but we like the resulting brown and cream color scheme as it made a nice transition to the tile floor.  BTW my daughter in law found the cream 4 x 4 tiles, and 16 x 16 floor tiles at Habitat for Humanity.  Habitat for Humanity Stores are a wonderful resource for affordable supplies plus you can donate recyclable items from your build back to them.  I Googled them and found that they have store locations all over the US.  She found the octagon shower floor tiles at Lowe’s.  I absolutely love how it all came together and really appreciate her expertise is color.

Resampled_2013-02-10_16-34-53_326-1    Resampled_Image_1361219530087   ResizedImage951361311088535  ResizedImage951361312164483     Resampled_2013-02-20_18-39-29_338         2013-02-12 11.22.20
The two brothers tiled the walls and floors, removed the existing window and added glass blocks, installed a new handicap height toilet, rebuilt the linen closet, replaced the sink faucet and put in a new space saving pocket door. 
Our Mom was beyond excited when she came home and couldn’t get over the many improvements not only to her bathroom, but the guest bathroom and all the little repairs all over the house (including new paint in every room). This is the redecorated guest bath.
2013-02-27 16.22.49     2013-02-27 16.22.37
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  1. Love the way the bathroom update for your mum. A massive job. I like the way you didn't just gut everything but still left a bit of your mum's touch intact too.


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