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2 Ingredient Sherbet

2 Ingredient Sherbet
1 bottle of orange flavored soda (Sunkist is my personal fave)
1 can Eagle brand milk.

Stir the two ingredients together and pour into a freezer.  It's that easy.  Really.  I adapted the recipe for hubs little home made freezer, just enough for the two of us by cutting the recipe 75%.  I eyeballed about 1/4 bottle of the soda and 1/4 of the Eagle brand milk.

Hub used an old rotisserie motor, peanut butter jar, some nuts and bolts and a home made metal stand to make a little ice cream freezer.  Quite ingenious, don't you think?  The rotisserie runs on a D battery, so it works while inside the deep freezer eliminating the need for ice.  Of course, you can make this recipe in a purchased ice cream freezer too.
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