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Pallet Play House/Fort

2013-04-07 14.12.02
My son has a whole family of artisans.  The little grands wanted a play house/fort, so out came some pallets and nails.  Soon they had a two room play house/fort with a fenced in yard and outdoor kitchen. They wanted to paint it, so-flour, water and cake color was mixed together and - paint they did!  It was a lot of fun and hours of entertainment for all of us. 
2013-04-05 13.40.00
          2013-04-07 13.56.322013-04-07 13.56.242013-04-05 13.40.39


  1. I like it, looks like so much fun! There is a local company that offers to let people pick up there pallets free for personal use, and I was just wondering about taking them and what I could do with kids would love this!

    1. They need to add a walk next. Dad will have to remove nails for them, but won't that be cute?

  2. What a fun idea! Its cute that the kids helped arrange the boards.


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