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Looking Up...

What an awesome job.
These men were working high above the traffic.  The wire they are placing will take harnessed energy from wind turbines to businesses and homes all over Texas.
As I drove upon this amazing site my breath was taken by the spectacle.
I had to stop and watch for a few minutes
and take a few photo's to share the experience.

It's Okay
I'm tired from the long drive from mom's, it's okay, I saw some cool construction over the highway and I like yellow.
I think the above job looks awesome, though I'm a little afraid of heights and it's okay!
There's dust under hubs recliner, it's okay, I'll get Rosie Robot out for it later today.
There's dishes in the sink, it's okay, I have to empty the washer before I can put them in.
There's nothing out to cook for dinner, it's okay, I really have a craving for delivery pizza.
There's a load of laundry beside my suitcase.  That's okay, it will wait till morning.
I have only one post for this week, it's okay, a little break has given me some new ideas.
I've been unable to photograph those cute baby birdies being fed by the momma bird outside the den window, it's okay, I'm going to keep trying.
I badly need to color my roots and it's okay that I'm looking for a new brand.
BTW...can any of you recommend an "over the counter" brand that will not fade away so quickly?
I like to link up at some parties where I share my page and find lots of interesting ideas from other bloggers.  You don't have to be a blogger to peak at the creations, just come see.

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  1. Visiting from It's Okay Thursday hop. Wow, I would have stopped to see that on the highway too! What part of Texas is it in? I'm in DFW. Have a wonderful day! Stacie xo


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