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Steeple of faith.

A beautiful symbol of faith
against the early morning sky,
Atop a steeple in need of repair.
The building below holding seats in rows,
A place on earth where families gathered as witnesses,
of promises to be faithful till death do them part,
souls committed to the hope of something more,
and the mourning of loved ones gone on.
Babes, children, parents, the aged
living life’s cycle and in need of repair.
A beautiful symbol that faith will be rewarded
still stands against the early morning sky.
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  1. That's was really beautiful Jeannie, I so wish the steeple was in such disarray. Seeing the picture of the steeple brings up so many emotions of faith, love and hope. That's for sharing Steeple of Faith at Sunday's Best, I really appreciated it. I've just liked you and became your 100 member on Facebook. Maybe you like me too!

  2. beautiful

    would love for you to stop by
    and share at Fridays Unfolded.



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