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Living life and sharing snippits.

It's okay not to celebrate my first blog anniversary the typical way.

Life is as short  as a cliche... I'm trying to make the best of it.  A year ago in February I started this blog.  I have seen lots of bloggers celebrating their anniversary with give aways and special participation that involve sponsors.  I felt a little guilty for a short time... and a do mean a short time...that I haven't taken on sponsors to make money with my blog.  At present, I don't need to.  The purpose behind my blog is enjoyment and sharing some things I enjoy with you in my retirement years.  I am still enjoying my blogging life and have avoided making it a "job".  So forgive me for not offering a give away, and instead (hopefully) giving you a short, easy to read, glimpse into my life.

I'm ok with my regular life.  Here is a glimpse into today.  One day in my life that is like many other days, full of sunshine, nature, family, friends, cooking, shopping, crafting, blogging and relaxing.
  • Rise & shine.  I've been away from home for a couple of months so today I'm cleaning up the left over holiday stuff, starting with the Rosemary Wreaths I made.  Because it has dried out nicely, it was easy to lay the wreath on the counter and apply a little pressure with my hands to get the aromatic leaves off.  I simply gathered up the dry leaves and put them in a zip lock bag.  This will be yummy in spagetti or Rosemary Chicken.

  • A walk in one of our city parks carrying my camera was a good way to start today.  It's still wintry and sparse but I managed to see some pretty images. I'm so inspired by the Wooly Moss Roots blog and Our Neck of the Woods  blog, I wish I could spend some days romping in their woods.

  • Time for a mini make over with some fresh hair color and a trip to get it trimmed. Oh, and I need gas in my car.
  • A quick stop at a local resale shop where I found a white gravy boat and a light fixture I think I can turn into a bird bath.  That doesn't read quite right, the gravy boat will hold gravy; the fixture will make a cool bird bath.
  • I'm in the mood to cook something divine so a trip to the grocery store (Walmart) is necessary.  Of course I didn't restrict myself to the grocery section...
  • Visited with an old friend in the Walmart isles.  I have not seen her in at least 10 years.  That was a really nice surprise.
  • Back at home I cleaned out the fridge and folded laundry before putting together a pork chop dinner that included green bean bundles, baked winter vegetables and a peach salsa from the daughter in law. for me and hubs.  The recipes will be tomorrow's blog.
  • Called mom, my children and e-mailed a couple of other friends & relatives because I love my family and friends... and some blogging cause I luv you guys too!
  • Watching sunsets are my favorite end to any day.  I have lots of sunset captures on my Instagram feed.  
  • Today was a good day, I can't wait to start tomorrow.
Hey, if you have a day in your life to share or even part of it, please leave a comment with your blog link.


  1. I love Rosemary! Your neck of the woods looks much greener than our does very pretty! Funny how everyone catches up with who they haven't seen in ages ~ at Walmart LOL oh and shh about using the rosemary for chicken, as you can tell by my newsest blog post... my chickens are upset enough lately ;)

  2. LOL, my apology to your chickens! Looked like they are cold in all that snow!

  3. Glad to hear you are enjoying your retirement days! Sounds like you have lots of ways to spend your time and enjoy life. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jeannie, that sounds like a fabulous day right there. I am envying you right now!! :)

  5. What a wonderful way to celebrate your blog anniversary with such a personal look at your daily life. I really enjoyed it.

  6. That sounds like a great day! And don't feel bad about not having giveaways or sponsors on your blog. Make this space whatever you want it to be.

    I'm glad you got to walk in the park. Let me know if you're ever in MO and you can come romp around in my neck of the woods :)

    Your hair looks so cute! I like the length of it. Right at the chin accentuates your features and looks a little modern :) Great color, too.

    Happy anniversary!


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