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It's Okay

Slept in today, well, slept in yesterday too.  That's okay.  I'm on vacation at home.
I skyped my new niece instead of visiting the hospital.  It's okay, I'll make a personal visit when my cough and laringytis are gone.
I published a picture of my brother in a pink tub on my Instagram.  It's okay, he laughed too.
I bought one too many postcard stamps today.  It's okay, I can leave it in my desk drawer for posterity.
I played Candy Crush almost all day today, except when I had to wait for my lives to renew.  That's okay, I'm almost caught up with my brother and former work buddy.
Between Candy Crush games I brought out the new make up I bought yesterday and played dress up.  It's okay, I still look like me.
The new clock on top of the kitchen shelf stopped working.  It's okay.  I don't care.  I'm on vacation at home!


  1. LOVE this attitude! Most of it should apply to our lives even when not on vacation at home - blood pressure levels would go way down!

  2. Hi Jeannie! I nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you are interested and would like more info, here is the link:

    Hope you are having a great weekend!


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