Snow punch and the last sunset |For what it's worth

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Snow punch and the last sunset

This is the last sunset for 2012 from my mom's.  It was spectacular.


We stayed awake New Years Eve to toast in the midnight hour with both New York and Dallas.  Even though it was just two of us, it was a fun evening.  A toasty fire in the fireplace, roasted chicken, simple salad, stuffed jalepeno, and later a delicious punch.  The phone rang in many New Year wishes and our FB contacts reached out to us too.  It's good to know so many people love and care about us.  Here is the simplest punch recipe you'll ever be glad to have.  You can make a punch bowl full or mix one glass at a time.  We made two single servings.

  • Spoon in enough vanilla ice cream to fill you glass 1/2 way.  
  • Pour white Sparkling Grape Juice over.  

It looks snowy and is perfect for this holiday.  Since there's no alcohol kids can enjoy the special treat with you.
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  1. The sunset is gorgeous and that punch sounds delicious! Glad you had a fun NYE :)


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