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Milk White Ware Mantel

I indulged my new love of all things white on my mom’s fireplace mantel this week.  While taking down the holiday directions and rearranging the store room I noticed several pieces of vintage milk white ware.  The next afternoon I stopped in a thrift shop and again my eye was drawn to a milk white vase which I bought because…I have a new love of all things white.  I picked up a few branches of pussy willows and headed to mom’s.  I used a white lace curtain valance and placed some of the white pieces on it.  Mom loves it and so do I.  Then of course, I kept looking at it and improving it. 
I’ve been staying with my mom helping her out and preparing her for hip surgery.  It has been bitterly cold since Christmas so when we got a 51 F day, I hopped into my car and headed out.  It was still a bit too cold for mom, she opted to stay in.  I ran a few errands for her then stopped in at an antique store at the edge of town.  There is so much to rummage through there, it’s amazing.  Unfortunately the buildings are not heated and the sunny 51 degrees did not extend inside.  I strolled rather quickly through the isles stopping at a collection of white ware and picked up the cute little pedestal creamer you see in the photo. 
                  DSC_0372     DSC_0396
Here are a couple of other pieces around the living room.
I love that the Christmas cactus is blooming!
DIL and little grand found this abandoned nest. I put some clay eggs in it. 
             Are you caught up in the "decorate with white" world yet? 
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  1. Great finds! I love milk glass and always have. My grandma gave me quite a few milk glass pieces and I've picked up more at antique shops.


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