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It’s Okay

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To sleep-in later than normal…after all it’s COLD outside!
To drive around the county looking for a photo op that shows a landscape that is not as flat as a stale piece of wheat toast.
To settle for manipulating the camera filters to make a flat landscape a bit more interesting!
To savor Earl Grey tea like it is the nectar of the God’s on a cold winter morning with my sweet mother.
To delight in the sighting of two young wood peckers eating from the bird feeder.
To take a quick walk through an (unheated) antique store  and laugh to find the clerk huddled next to a wood stove, snugged down in an oversized chair, dressed in a heavy down coat and wool cap and mittens…sound asleep.
To see a bird nest hanging from a low tree limb over a country dirt road, stop the car in the middle of said country dirt road, step up on the hood of said car, to take a picture of said bird nest…because it’s weird for that bird to choose a busy location for it's nest!  What kind of bird makes this basket looking nest, anyway?
What kind of “okay” things have you done today?
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