How to back up your (updated blogger) blog. And why you should NOW. |For what it's worth

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How to back up your (updated blogger) blog. And why you should NOW.

I had a small panic attack a few days ago when I tried to log in to my blog and it was "Disabled due to unusual activity".  What?  What unusual activity?  I never did figure that part out.  Going through some chat forums, I finally did something...heck if I really know what...that caused a confirmation email to appear from Blogger.  Then it was back.  I was on the way to heart sick that all those moments of my life recorded in cyberland could be lost.  I would survive, but would still have been very sad.

Today, Funky Junk Interiors posted this article.  How to back up your (updated blogger) blog. And why you should NOW. I immediately followed the easy instructions to back up my blog.  Now I have pinned the instructions to my Pinterest Blog Hint Board and saved to my Blog Hint Tab. Tomorrow, a trip to the store and I will back up the blog to a mobile pin drive.

Have you taken steps to save your blog?


  1. I've seen some of these posts from other bloggers about the importance of backing up your blog. I haven't received any unusual messages from blogger but I can no longer download pics from IE on blogger, (Blogger says they are working on it) so I am switching to Chrome and backing up my blog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jeannie, I am so glad you are back! My Google Reader had a weird message about your blog and I felt awful because I knew what probably happened. There are some other issues going on with them now too - like picture uploading.
    You have worked so hard to make your site a pleasant place to visit and I'm happy this won't happen again. I will save everything per the instructions you forwarded but I'm almost afraid to touch anything in case I mess everything up!

  3. Okay, me again! I just saved my blog per the instructions (THANK YOU!) but am wondering if that includes the entire 1.5 years of posts or just the one dated today? (Yes. I really am that clueless about the answer!) Thanks again if you can help!


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