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Horse snorts.

I saw the funniest thing this morning.  I was cleaning out cabinets at mom’s when I found a jar of powdered sugar stashed way in the back of the lower cabinets.  Right before I could dump it in the trash I saw the horses standing at the feed trough outside the back yard. I opened the back door, which always gets their attention, walked to the fence and emptied the jar into the trough.  The filly approached first, taking a sneaking peak at the white substance there.  She lowered her head and then jerked back, startled.  I didn’t get it at first.  She did it twice more when the stud came to see what she was into.  He did the same thing, cautiously getting close to the powder and jerking back in surprise.  Then I saw it. 
When they got close to the powder, the breath from their nostrils made the powder poof up in a little cloud that totally freaked them out.  It made me laugh deep in my belly, especially when the miniature donkey foal bounded up to the trough completely unafraid, just like our little humans that haven’t learned to be afraid and started licking the sugar up.  It didn’t take them long to overcome their fear when they saw the little donkey enjoying it - to lick it up too.  miniatures
Then I went back to cleaning the cabinets out.


  1. Hehe how funny! I bet I would have laughed out loud.

  2. awww...beautiful horses and I am crazy about that brave little donkey! Always wished I could have a horse, but never had a chance as a lifelong city/suburban dweller. We'd need a minimum of 10 acres to have one. But I can tell that you appreciate your access to them!


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