You are ivited to a Party link with a Cause. |For what it's worth

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You are ivited to a Party link with a Cause.

I know many of you are as heartbroken as I am over the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy in Newtown, CT. A few other bloggers and I have teamed up with  Kelley at The Grant Life and Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects link party with a cause. Both host a weekend link party that opens on Thursday afternoon. This week, they joined forces and also opened up the party to as many co-hosts who want to join to donate $0.05 for each link to the Newtown area's United Way. The thing is - that's not all. Some other bloggers heard about it, and also wanted to match 5 cents a link - so for this special party, for every link you add, $0.65 cents will be donated to the Western Connecticut United Way. Even more fabulous bloggers offered to help spread the word by co-hosting today's link party. So no matter what blog you are visiting when you read this, we all thank you for supporting the party and the cause. Because of how widely hosted this weekend's party is. links you add here will be immediately visible on several blogs! The details are below including who is donating, and what you should link today. Thanks for coming by!

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  1. Thank you so much for caring about the little town of Newtown and all that they have gone through. We live in the next town over. Linda


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