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Twisted art...wire silly!

I couldn't resist a little "twisted" humor. 

On the farm where my child hood home sits a walk through the pasture almost always includes picking up wire left behind from those small blocks of hay. Years ago hay was baled in blocks instead of those monstrously big rolls and they used wire to hold the bales together but now nylon twine is used.   Several fence posts around the barn hold abandoned wire pieces that sometimes get recycled for tying things together and this week, for crafting.   The wire is pretty rusty and easy to manipulate with pliers.  (Wear gloves...that rust and dirt makes the hands dry)  Because it's "Ho Ho Ho" season... I twisted some into a forest of wire trees to place on my mom's mantel and window shelf.

Some are sprayed white, some were left naturally rusty and a few have beads from a broken necklace added.  I enjoyed creating the trees for my mother and especially enjoyed visiting with her the past several weeks.

Several trees later I twisted a smaller piece into a sturdy bird nest.  One of my cousins said "Must have been a strong bird" when she saw it.  That made me laugh.


  1. How neat! Such a clever way to use the wire. I love how they turned out! That nest is soooo cute!

  2. I LOVE wire anything, and your trees and nest are no exception! So cute!
    I'm your newest follower and would love you to stop by :)

  3. Jeannie, you are really a twisted sister. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I love your forest of wire trees and the nest. Well, let's just say this bird lover's heart skipped a beat. I have a large barbed wire birds nest in the garden my sister made for my birthday one year. I place oval rocks in it for eggs. Wonder what your cousin would say about that? I am pinning the nest and will make some this Spring. Thanks for sharing with Share your Cup. I love that the wire has a history. So happy that you and your mother got to spend time together.


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