My Holiday House tour 2012. |For what it's worth

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My Holiday House tour 2012.

Let it snow and enjoy nature.

The snowman vignette.  Those snowballs...just styrofoam, no crafting required! 
I'm decorating in two houses this year,  mine and mom's.  I'm spending a lot more time with her because  I can and want to. She's having total hip replacement in January and another in about March.  Several of my blogs recently have stemmed from some great quality time there.  If you still have your parents, I encourage you to take advantage of your time and share it with them.

Pecans waiting to be shelled on the hearth.

A vintage decorative box, recycled vanilla bottle,
styrofoam "snow"ball on a vintage doily.
Break time happens here :-)
Fresh greenery and crepe myrtle branches from the yard in our ash bucket
with a few more snow balls.
The kitchen is where the holidays begin, those decorations can be seen here.

At mom's house:  You can see how we changed the old, way too big, fake tree into an adorable table top masterpiece here. the door DIY sock wreath  I made for mom here and check out the cinnamon/applesauce garland here.  If you're interested in seeing the fabulous west Texas sunsets or other things I found cool, check out my Instagram site here. You can find soup recipes that were adapted for the two of us that are heart healthy and diabetic friendly here and here.


  1. The decorations look great! I love the pecans displayed. Awesome idea.

    Wishing your mom the best in her upcoming surgeries! I try to spend as much time as I can with my grandmother because she is getting older and I want to pick her brain as much as I can :) I also truly enjoy her company!

  2. Love the decorations. Looks great. Thanks for linking up your project at Thebugbytes

  3. Awww....I can see your cute fridge in the background!! You are so right about spending time with parents. I lost my dad a few years back. I'd do anything to spend some time with him now.

  4. I love the vignettes you have spread throughout the house mostly using things you had. Good wishes for your mother and her recovery.

  5. Looks so pretty!!! Thanks for sharing on Welcome Home Wednesday... Merry Christmas!!! Deb Vintage On A Dime

  6. I just love the mantel and the hearth! It looks so cozy. Found you on Wow us Wednesday :)


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