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A Christmas Story

Pulled from my Facebook archives to share with you.

Four days before Christmas 2010 I'm taking grand, who has been wearing a headband of reindeer antlers all day, shopping for a stuffed Rudolf.  We have been to a lot of stores.  

The next to last stop in Walmart, I put her in a basket facing me and headed through the door as she proclaims loudly, "I want a sticker!"  

I stopped almost at the same instant by the door greeter.  A small man of about 5'6" with a short trim white beard wearing a santa hat looked at Grand as her eyes opened wide and  mouth sagged open.  She sat stone silent for what seemed a very long time (in reality it was only seconds).  He finally said with a quaint little smile on his face, "are you one of my reindeer?"  

Grand slowly shook her head no.  He handed her a sticker and said, "now be a good girl".   

I rolled the basket around the corner and a little ways down the isle.  She finally found her voice.  

"Nini, Nini, do you think he was the REAL Santa?"  I responded, I don't know sweetie, he could be..."  

We continued down several isles before she spoke again.

"Nini, Nini...I don't think he was the real Santa."  

I responded, "Well, he might not be."  

Then she stated mater of factly, like I should have known... "I think he was an elf!"
I hope your holiday is full of magic.


  1. Haha so cute! What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think this is what is meant by "the magic of Christmas!" Reindeer antlers, elves, Santa...what fun to experience it through the eyes of a precious grandchild!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. What a sweet story! Santa does bring out the best in everybody and certainly brings out our imaginations!


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