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Thankful Pumpkin

One of the sweetest DIY ideas I’ve come across in a long time came to me through One Artsy Moma’s  Instagram.  Things we are thankful for are hand written spiraling down a pumpkin.  It made a lovely center piece for the table. The family members quickly took to adding things they are thankful for, even little grand.

She is just learning to read and write in kindergarten and was thrilled when I handed her the marker and said “Yes, you can write on the pumpkin.”  It was heartwarming and I was overwhelmed when she wrote my name along with the bunnies, babies, horses and puppies she is thankful for.
All you need for this activity is a pumpking and sharpie permanent marker.  


  1. This is a really cute idea! So cute that she wrote your name on the pumpkin :)

    I see "pumpkin spice coffee" on there - I am thankful for that, too!

  2. Sweet idea! Pinned:) I didn't carve my pumpkins this year. It will be fun to have the family write a thankful message:) Happy Thanksgiving. New follow for your social media!


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