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Texas Front Porches

While out driving through rural Texas towns and back roads I saw lots of front porches, yards, barns and old buildings that called to me.  I began taking pictures for my "someday" house when I realized I love the older homes off main street and farm houses with front porches!  Most of these are in Justin, Texas north of Texas Motor Speedway near Dallas a few miles.  I hope you enjoy some of what I've been seeing. Here are a few to entice you to check back next weekend. :-)
I bet this person would be fun to know!  Do you see the washing machine?
There were lots of things to look at here.

Can't see the sign behind the post, but it says,
"Welcome to My Porch"

Clean, neat, patriotic

Another collector I think I'd like to visit with.

This little Texas town was amazingly neat and clean.  The big attraction is the Texas Motor Speedway just a few miles away on I35E and Hwy 114.  Down town Justin is their boot and western wear outlets.  Yep, we bought new boots and hats for the grands and even a new shirt for me while there.  The prices are really good!

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  1. Nice! I really love porches. They really add character and charm to a home.

  2. I love porches too! There's just something so inviting about a house with a porch.

  3. Absolutely love these!! Great post.

    Thank you for linking up!



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