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Nature's Garden

Inspired by a lovely post on Home Talk by CeeJai, I looked back through some photos I took during the spring at the family farm to find this old truck.  I was sitting in the back of this old truck with  a half dozen cousins and two or three aunts when it came to a stop after a ride to the Easter egg hunting spot.  It has sat there ever since.  Some 40-50+ years.  A few years ago one of the uncles was met with strong objections when he offered to haul it off. We are a large family and all of us have photographed it at one time or another. It has become a rusty reminder of days gone by.

Through this gate in another section of the woods sits a relic from my grandparents day.

I only remember it as the country store in our play house area!  Someone would line up empty cans and bottles and pretend to be  a grocery clerk selling through the windows. Good memories.
I hope you are reminiscing about forgotten moments
and catching glimpses of relics in your mind today.

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