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It's OK

  • to consider Osage Oranges art. They really do smell like oranges and I've heard they deter certain bugs (like scorpions) and they are native to Texas.
  • to be glad friends and acquaintances won't be preaching their political views so much now that elections are done.
  • to sell most of the crap collected in our garage.  I won't regret it...well, maybe a little...each item would probably make a great DIY make over's okay to let it go.
  • to pry off a piece of molding and take it to the paint store for matching.
  • to dream of changing everything to shades of white.  I'm becoming obsessed.
  • to laugh at hubs & his dog as the hammock slowly tilts, leaving them lying with heads on the ground and feet in the air.

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  1. Hehe! I love white, too. I've thought many times about painting my walls and kitchen cabinets white!


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