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It's ok

  • to think Texas is the only place sunsets light the sky on fire in orange, yellow, purple and pink.
  • that when my kids need me, I stop, drop and roll down the road to be there.
  • that I'm completely freaked out if someone drinks from my cup...germ a-phobe I guess.
  • that my latest addiction is the "Draw Something" game for iphone/ipad/ipod.
  • that I helped little grand complete an entire art project that was awesome and never thought once to take photo's for my blog.  :-(
  • that I held out on covering the gray hair until after our Halloween party Saturday.  All the pink on it needed to be covered up Sunday! 
  • that I spent and hour and half making cheese/pretzel witches brooms and forgot to take them to the party.  My daughter will take them to a party she's going to tomorrow.
  • that I left my battery charger at home, inconvenienced my daughter to bring it to me for a party, then discovered I left the camera at my son's house.  Some days, I just spread myself too thin.  Thank goodness daughter in law came to the rescue and loaned me her camera.
  • It's okay to have a coke float even though it's 45 degrees and that I had to cover up with a blanket to finish eating that really delicious coke float.
  • And it's okay, to stop the car on a state highway so you can walk out to a field  of cotton and take photographs.  Those cotton balls are so pristine white and beautiful!   

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  1. Sometimes I want to stop my car on a busy road and take a photo! I'll have to do that one of these days when things catch my eye :)

  2. Great list and I have had days like that! I've been craving a root beer float for weeks now -- you may have motivated me to do it!

  3. Love that list, sounds like my days :) I too want to stop and take pics on the side of the road. My husband groans but usually stops so I can! Glad to have you linking up with us.

  4. I must be a germaphobe, too. Can't stand anyone (not even grandkids) drinking out of my glass. And I never EVER share a spoon with someone, especially after any kind of dairy product (cereal with milk, ice cream, etc).

  5. Up North we never see cotton so you take as many pics as you like and we'll love seeing them! :)

  6. come back this week and link up!


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