Fall in the back yard. |For what it's worth

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Fall in the back yard.

This moment captured out of time.
A single moment to remember.

from the week.
A simple, special,
extraordinary moment.
A moment I want to pause,
 savor and remember.

Fall is short in Texas.  One day is hot as blue blazes, then there are a few days of cool weather, even fewer of the trees turning and leaves falling before a freezing cold winter sets in.  Today we are enjoying one of the few days the leaves fall while we garage sale some of the 30+ years of stuff gathering dust in our garage.  I have the laptop set up on the patio and while I sip iced tea, hubs is taking a nap in the hammock with his dog.  They looked so peaceful and sweet I decided to take a few photos.   While I snapped, falling leaves turned into falling nappers!

It's okay...no nappers were harmed in this photo session, except a little pride while we laughed.

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  1. Cute photos! We have a hammock in our back yard and I've caught my husband napping in it on several occasions :)

  2. That is to funny! Having a hammock in our backyard is one of the things we are lacking. May have to add it to the Christmas wish list. Living in southern California I could nap out there almost all the time! Since we have 3 cats that would want to join me I'm glad I saw your pictures!

  3. oh lol that is a moment to remember. Nice pics, nice story. thanks for dropping by my blog.

  4. Ohmigosh! Too funny! Great that you had camera in hand.

  5. I have to laugh....its a cute story and photo and reminds me that I always wanted a hammock and never DID get one...:)

  6. A wonderful memory to capture indeed! We had a hammock at the previous house and it was my little escaping place. I really did spend too much time 'getting away from it all' there some times. but it was so relaxing. Thanks for linking with me!


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