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DIY Rosemary Wreath

Thanksgiving is over and now I get to put out Christmas decorations!  Yeah!  This year I am going to try using things that are easy, free and will clean up quick after the holiday.  We are putting our house on the market soon and everything needs to be visitor friendly. I started in the kitchen (okay, I admit it, before I left to mom's for Thanksgiving...) because that's where a lot of time is spent.  No better way to get in the spirit than in the kitchen with all those yummy smells!

I started by spending a day giving the kitchen a thorough cleaning.  The vent hood is free of greasy build up and the cabinets are neat and organized.  The Rosemary has been left to grow wild all summer just so I could make a little wreath or three.  It already smells Christmasy just bringing in the fresh cut Rosemary...

Cut 20 or so long stems of Rosemary.

Make a wreath form by wrapping wire around something the size you want.
An old pot plant container is perfect.Use a heavy craft wire (about 20 gage)

Remove the wire circle from the pot.

Wrap the first length of Rosemary around the wire.

Keep adding Rosemary overlapping the ends.

This one has 3 Rosemary lengths wrapped all the way around to give
it some thickness and body.  The finished wreath had about twice that many.
 Tie on some ribbon and let the decorating commence!


  1. This looks so cute on your hood! I LOVE rosemary wreaths and wish we had enough to make one. Maybe next year :)

    1. Thanks. The warmth from the stove releases the aroma.

  2. This is a case of "Howd you do that".. I have a really large
    Rosemary growing in the back yard
    and I tried to make a wreath.. what a mess I made of it.. Yours turned out
    really nice..
    Happy Holidays

  3. Sandy, a couple of not-so-secrets: make smaller wreaths unless you are adding rosemary to a mlti greenery one. Choose softer stems. The woody parts are less pliable. Don't let the rosemary dry out, start working on it pretty soon after cutting. Wear gloves, it is sticky. The stickiness helps hold the stems together.

  4. Hi, visiting from Fishtail Cottage Natural Christmas. I love Rosemary and your wreath is so sweet. I brought my entire plant in and potted it in an urn. It would not survive our Winter. I would love to make a wreath sometime. Now a new follower.
    p.s. best of luck with the home sale.


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