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Black Friday shopping

is a traditional girls day out following Thanksgiving.  The men keep the kids and the girls head to the malls and shopping centers.  I still get a rush remembering our first Black Friday Girls Day many many years ago.  We started in the wee hours of the morning and returned after dark that night.  There was barely room for us to fit in the Suburban with all our contraband!  When we got home, we set up card tables and had a Christmas package wrapping party behind closed doors.  The kids waited anxiously outside the doors taking turns placing the elaborately wrapped packages under the tree they set up while we were gone. It is really a huge stress reliever to have the shopping done and packages wrapped under the tree.  The time we have between Black Friday and Christmas is ours to bake, craft and play.

This year I'll be posting our progress on my Instagram Web page for all to see.I hope you have as much fun as we do checking the page throughout the day.


  1. I got caught up in managing my shopping and FORGOT to take pics, I can't believe it! And it was such fun. My sister witnessed a fist fight at Walmart, I made some acquaintances that schemed together to make sure all 7 of us came away w/ blue ray players.

  2. LOL you are one brave and tireless lady! But I think you make the best of it by going in a group and having a good attitude! Wish I had your courage!

  3. I have yet to wake up early enough to battle the crowds for door buster deals. Tackling it as a group sounds fun :)

    I'd like to invite you to our Sunday and Monday Meet & Greet Blog Hop!

    Come link up and join in the fun!

  4. It was fun. We didn't do our usual shop till you drop but it was fun none the less. BTW - I got the GPS online for same price on Cyber Monday. :)


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