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The Red River

separates Oklahoma and Texas.  Actually, while on the river, we were in OK for a beautiful crispy cool fall day.  We explored the river and found lots of animal tracks including deer, hog, coyote,  Kangaroo rat, and birds.  We photographed dunes, driftwood, grasses, a bridge with mud wren nests, water, banks, the moon rising, a blue herring lifting off over a little lake, and the campfire where we made dinner before heading home.  The last photo is of the sun setting and the entering Texas sign.  It is amazing to spend quality family time in a quiet serene place.  I am grateful for the opportunity my son's family included me in.

I hope you enjoyed the view from here!


  1. Very interesting landscape! Looks like it would be a cool trip :)

  2. Cool day, cool trip and costs nothing to access the river. Thanks for coming by my blog, I love your comments.


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