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Sock rosettes

By golly, I'm going to use up all those orphaned and abandoned socks one way or another!  I'm like a mad woman trying to recycle them.  I started working on a Halloween Door Wreath this morning made completely of recycled and re-purposed items and those socks are on my mind.  I am very happy with the way these sock rosettes came out!

Start by rolling the sock long ways, so that the top of the sock will form the center of the flower.   Keep the sock rolled and twisted tight as you wrap the rest of the sock around the center.Because I was attaching the rosettes to a Styrofoam wreath, I used straight pins to keep it in place.  

I'll be finishing the wreath and posting it tomorrow... come back to see it...I'm very excited!

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  1. wow what a good idea! haha. love the creativity in your blog! thanks for the visit earlier this week, following you back, woohoo!


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