Now that's a pretty pie! |For what it's worth

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Now that's a pretty pie!

Pretty crusts have always alluded me, but no more!  Earlier this year I made a cobbler and by chance had left my jar of cookie cutters on the counter-right where I could see them!  In that "ah-hah" moment right before cutting the pie crust into strips for a not so perfect lattice top I stopped, opened the jar, pulled out a cookie cutter and started cutting the crusts.  A pretty pie was born!

Fall pie crust made with leaf cookie cutters

Making pie crust from scratch is amazing easy but I confess I usually keep a store bought one in the fridge during holidays for quick access.  Honestly though, my grandmother's recipe is wonderful and because I use a food processor or big stand mixer it's no trouble at all.

Build a pie for a fancy cookie cut out crust

Once your pie is built, you can put on your fancy crust.
How to use cookie cutters to make a fancy pie crust

  • Use cookie cutters to cute shapes from pie crust.  Layer them on top of the pie filling.
  • Spray the top crust with "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray
  • (or brush on melted butter if you have a Martha Stewart streak)
  • Sprinkle a little granulated sugar and cinnamon.  
  • Bake according to the pie recipe, usually around 40-60 minutes.

Here's hoping your pie crust if perfect too!


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