It's okay to be a little batty, |For what it's worth

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It's okay to be a little batty,

this sign in a fun little shop says so.

  • It's Okay to make funny faces in the mirror while putting on make up, instead of road rage, and to make little kids laugh.
  • It's okay I don't like to handle meat.  Why face my fears when there are frozen meatballs, frozen chicken breasts and meat market butchers available.
  • It's okay to get down and dirty in pearls.  I know this from watching a show called "The Incredible Dr. Pol".  There were two farmers helping the Dr. all dressed in nasty overalls pulling twin calves from a mommy cow while on the other end; the lady of the house (who had just arrived from work) was holding the mommy cows face talking gently to her.  She was all dressed up wearing heels and pearls. This just struck me as funny as all get out! 
  • It's okay that I don't really know what that means (funny as all get out), it's just something we say in Texas, like ya'll and over yonder.
  • It's okay that folks know just by hearing me talk, I come from Texas.  It's just as funny to have someone with a heavy Bostonian accent make fun of the way I order my aegggs, cooked dri-eye.
  • It's okay that while reading blog after blog about what people love about fall all I can think of is that I don't like the allergies I get.  Do I get an "achoo" for that?
  • It's okay that while I'm ecstatic hubs put in a new kitchen faucet, it irritates me the handles push backwards instead of pull forward.  I can't bare to complain cause it was such a job to get the old faucet out.
  • And finally, it's okay to make funny faces on mini pumpkins.  It's almost Halloween, right?

Hope you see the humor in your every day...

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  1. So funny! My husband laughs at me when I put on my blush because I smile so I can get the apples of my cheeks :)


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