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I laugh till I need to potty

and that's okay!

It's okay that some things just seem funnier to me than any body else.

It's okay to know which end is up. While at lunch a co-worker was repeating her niece's story from school.  Her teacher pointed a yard stick at her and said, "There's an idiot at the end of this stick."  Niece said, "Which end?"

It's okay that I don't have a doppelganger and that I wish I looked like somebody famous.  Preferably somebody that is famous for good reasons and looks good.

It's okay to be hard of hearing.  Little Grand called to talk on the phone. (You need to know I am deaf in my left ear and we joke about this often in my family)  It's always an interesting conversation where I ask lots of questions and she gives amusing answers.  This conversation started with "Nini, I went to the Texas mall today".  Texas?  "Yes"  What did you do? "It was daddy's day, I didn't get anything."  What did daddy get?  "hunting things"  What kind?  "HUNTING"  What kind of hunting things?  "HUNTING, NINI... E. R. S. [spelling with random letters] [I laugh]  ERS hunting things? "Nini... HUNTING! E.R.S...you're deaf."

It's okay that I suffer from product packaging rage.  It frustrates me to all ends when trying to open those sealed plastic wrappers.  Combine that with a hot flash - look out! 

It's okay to be old.  A Student gets sent to principal for being counted absent last period Monday. Principal asks where he was. Student says "I was in class". Principal says your teacher counted you absent. Student says, "the teacher was absent". Principal says how do you know? Student says "there was a sub". Principal calls me to the door of the office and asks if the teacher was absent. I check records and say yes. Principal asks me what I think about a sub counting the student absent? I ask the student to describe sub. He says "ummm, she was old". I started laughing out loud because she is about my age. I say, was she as old as me? The Student hesitates then says "uhhh, yes." I laughed again and so did the principal. Then I say, are you saying I am old? He hesitates again then answers, "uhhh, yes." Now I'm really laughing hard. I say, how does she look different than me? He says, without hesitating, "she's little". Principal and I both laugh so hard tears are starting to roll. The Student sits there not knowing quite what he's said that is so funny. Principal says, what do you think I should do about this situation. I say, "let the student go. He obviously was there, his description is way too accurate." Principal let's the student go.

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I hope your week is full of okay moments!


  1. first of all i just love the name of your blog ha :) great list!

    1. Ha! At my age...it happens a lot... Thanks so much for coming by my blog and leaving a message, it's nice to know I'm not just talking to myself ALL the time.

  2. haha product packing rage..hilarious

    have a great day!

  3. Hysterical love the principal and absent sub story-I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit! Claire


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