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Goblins, Ghouls and Goodies

We had a great Halloween Family party this weekend.  There were lots of Pinterest inspired foods and home kitchen inspired foods too.

nopin = "nopin"
Some of the sweets & fingerlings were already gone by the time the camera made it to this table.
Caramel spice cupcakes, deviled eggs, carameled grapes, Marble Slab Ice Cream Cake, White Strawberry  cake with whipped cream icing, several more cupcakes and cookies, candy corn recipes.  More than I could sample, for sure!
Pumpkin decorated cookies.

Witch hats cookies.
Deviled eggs with chive faces.

While I was busy printing photos for the guests to take home someone brought me the last little bit of a Caramel  Apple Cider = oh my! This one will have to be done again, and it will be before the next gathering...and there WILL be a photo.  I also failed to take a picture of the soup bar.  There was a Pinterest inspired loaded potato soup (to die for), Bear Soup (when the cub-bards are bare, put everything from the fridge in a pot with broth), chili, Swamp Eyed Pasta, BBQ beef, Okra tomato black eye pea gumbo,

I was in charge of getting photo's.  Taking a large frame and loosely wrapping with cheese cloth gave those shy guests an easy way to pose for me.  Here are some of the extraordinary costumes.
nopin = "nopin"
George the Clown,
nopin = "nopin"
nopin = "nopin"
Invisible Man,
The host carving his amazing pumpkins with some
of the kids.

This bicycle plant stand has a tomato
cage witch dress & hat & a "Toto" dog.

Fairy Hallow. Dollar store wings attached to
empty bottles filled with glow sticks.

Pumpkin Lane and trickers.

I hope you have a Spook-tacular Halloween!


  1. YUM! I love the witch's hat cookies. So cute. All the costumes look great!

  2. I have the ingredients for another batch of the caramel apple cider and plan to bring to Thanksgiving so I hope it is cold enough to enjoy. :-)


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