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rural Texas

just Jeannie in rural Texas

This weekend hubs and I spent some time in Quanah, Texas.  It's a small rural town on Texas Highway 287 between Wichita Falls and Amarillo..  The town, rich with history, was named by the last free Native American Indian Chief, Quanah Parker.  Q was hosting a Fall Festival where I took several fun photos. 
Restoring their Brand on a Branding Board Display

Antique cars, motor cycles and semi trucks. Little Grand fell in love with this one!

QA&P Building was a hotel for railroad guests and workers.
It now houses a museum and hosted artists and book signings during the festival.
This old building was next door to the QA&P.
A bit run down but full of charm.

I just love these old advertisement signs.  The texture is fabulous!

This sunset was absolutely the icing on the cake that ended a
perfectly beautiful day out west.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you get the opportunity to visit rural Texas soon!

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  2. Really wonderful shots. Love the sunset picture!

  3. Great pics, Jeannie! Love the Coca Cola Ad. on the wall:)

  4. Wonderful photos ~ Looks like a great place to visit ~ (A Creative Harbor) ~ try follow you ~ on GFC ~ try again ^_^

  5. the sunset is breathtaking! i love the textures on that ghost signs, too.

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  7. Hey, I didn't know you were playing ABCW!

    The sunset is beautiful, and I really like that Coke wall.


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