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Pumpkin sleeve

I was tending to my seasonal chore of changing out my wardrobe and at the same time purging things I don't like or never intend to wear again when I came across this sweater that didn't really fit well but that I liked the fabric pattern.  I saw immediately it's potential in saving yet another ugly plastic pumpkin!

As quickly as I finished the wardrobe changing I had the sweater on the floor measuring the sleeve to fit an ugly plastic pumpkin pulled from the attic.

sweater meets pumpkin

I liked the reverse print color best, so after measuring the pumpkin
and cutting a sleeve to fit it was flipped inside out.
A bit of quilt batting was slipped around for softness.

Pull the opening closed with needle and thread on both top and bottom.

Cut 4 lengths of jute rope twice the circumference of the pumpkin.
Use one of the lengths to tie them all together in the middle.

Place the tied jute on the bottom of the pumpkin and spread out the ends like this.

 Gather the jute on top and give a few twists to hold it in place.
Flip the pumpkin over.

Twist the jute ends and fold back down over itself so that it meets the pumpkin top.
Securely tie an additional piece of jute rope at the neck of the pumpkin.
To make a stem, wrap more jute rope around the twisted jute starting
at the neck of the pumpkin going up to the top and back down again,
ending where you began.  Tie it off securely.
Add a couple of silk or real leaves.
I have a huge collection of brooches, so this pretty butterfly brooch
gets a new home for the fall on the pumpkin.

I'm more in love with this pumpkin sleeve than I ever was as a sweater!

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  2. This is sooo cool! You're really talented. But knowing me I'd screw this project up--I always was terrible at arts and crafts! Hey, thanks for following my blog--I just followed you back via GFC! Happy blogging!

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  4. I have a few sweaters I'd feel that way about. What a clever idea! Nice job. I'm making me one PRONTO!!! ;)

  5. Love this! thank you for sharing..gosh, I have a few of those pumpkins that need saving STAT!


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