It's Okay #2 |For what it's worth

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It's Okay #2

It's Okay

To love a robot that dusts and mops my floors enough to give it a name. I heart Rosie.

To think shopping an antique emporium is like Pinterest in 3-D. Yes, I'm Pinterest addicted.

To cut my hair shorter because it's so dad gum hot, or am I having one of those old lady moments again?

To laugh at myself when my hairdresser mentions my roots are showing.  I told her that at my age it's helpful when you have to go to the potty so much at night to have a little glow in the dark grey to light the way.

To say to the hair dresser the cut feels great and then rush home to weigh because she said she thought she cut 20 lbs of hair off  my head today.

To be disappointed because she lied.


  1. I would name a robot that does all that too :)

    20lbs of hair, I must rush out and chop mine off, if only it worked that way :)

    Pinterest is my window shopping, pinning is shopping without a budget I say!!

    Happy weekend....

  2. Well, I weighed & the hair dresser exagerrated. :( Thanks for your comments, I get very excited to see them!

  3. haha. I had to laugh at the weighing after a haircut. I always feel like I've shed at least a pound or two after the stylist visit, too, but never have. Maybe because almost invariably when I'm out getting my hair cut I'm also getting something sweet to eat? Not sure why those things go together, but they do seem to, now that I think about it.


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