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Chocolate Pie Pin-Win

Chocolate Pie is a Pin-Win

I had a favorite uncle that LOVED chocolate pie.  Any time you asked what he wanted or what you could bring him, he always replied "chocolate pie".  So when I saw this pie recipe on Crafty in Crosby's blog, I literally jumped up and headed to the kitchen.  The pie was easy to make and the taste is smooth as silk.  It is pinned to my favorite sweet surrender Pinterest board and has won a permanent spot in my recipe collection.  Uncle Ashley would have loved it.

I had everything I needed to bake it right away!

Head over to Crafty in Crosby for the full recipe and directions. 

Thanks for visiting, I hope you have a chocolate pie kind of day!


  1. Awww Jeannie! Sure could have used a simple chocolate pie recipe. He would eat the, but he never really liked my chocolate pies....too soupy.

  2. Jeannie - we are so glad you enjoyed the pie!! It is one of our all time favorites!! Thanks so much for shout out! Jeanette


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