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attic shopper

I searched in the attic today for a mirror I knew hubs stored up there years ago.  I wasn't sure if the heat might have ruined it or if I could find it, but it was there so I brought it down.  It was pretty dirty but the mirror is still in pretty good condition.  It's going to help this trunk out. (That white color is not a's dust!)

At least I didn't run into any ghost or bats up there!
Amazing what a lot of windex will do!
For now the mirror is just resting on the trunk.
It may get some black stain.
The crepe myrtle is still blooming, so I brought in a handfull of blooms.
Thanks for stopping by, what's in your attic?
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  1. Love the mirror and the chest! Last week I was at my Mom's and she was complaining about the bookshelves in her living room. I told her to rearrange them but she said I don't have anything and I said "Let's shop the house!" It worked, too! Just some simple rearranging and a few added trinkets and the shelves looked like new! I'm a new follower!


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