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Special moments

I love a day filled with special moments.  I shall get back to identifying special moments for myself every day, it reminds me of how wonderful life truly is.

The termite inspector had good news today.  No bugs!  We re-instated our service plan and thanked our lucky stars for the great news.  Before he had even left our house our lovely big girl grand stopped by.  We celebrated our good fortune with ice cream sandwiches and decided to go on a girl shopping afternoon.  We drooled over the beautiful things and I bought some deliciously scented coconut banana soap at World Market before we headed to the mall.  We shared some little slider burgers and white chocolate macadamia cheesecake (wish I'd thought to take a photo!) at the Cheesecake Factory before going to the movies.  We watched the sweet story of "The Unusual Life of Timothy Green".  I love the relationship I have with big girl grand and relish the moments I get to spend with her.  It was a good day.

What special moment did you get to enjoy today?

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