Photo glimpses of 8/2-8/13 |For what it's worth

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Photo glimpses of 8/2-8/13

FMS Photo a Day 8/2-13.  Because life is my vacation and I've been vacationing away from my computer, here are photo's for the past 11 days.

8/13  Simple.
Cowboy ingenuity at it's best.

8/12 Spoon.
Found these two spoons on a playground today.  Some body's momma is going to be m.a.d.

8/9 Messy
(but delicious according to little grand)
8/8 Glasses. They bring things into focus for me!
8/7. 8:00 PM
A dozen drops of rain, but a bit of rainbow was rewarded any way!
8/6 Writing
My favorite cook book is well used.  Since receiving it for a wedding gift in 1970, I have made many things in it and left many notes for my oldest grand daughter who asked for it when I'm gone.  I even left the little invitation she & I made for a tea party with her grandad when she was a very young girl.
8/5 Logo
The United States Patent logo on mugs presented to my hubs. 
He has several!

8/4 Somewhere I sat
8/2 One.
Sorry, mom, I didn't know you planned to make a cake and needed more than one egg...

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