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Life is a vacation

I have not been on a vacation but I HAVE been enjoying life like I am on vacation!  Following retirement in June, we have been steadily making improvements to our home of over 30 years preparing to put it on the market.  (more on that on my DIY year long project page).  I put down the paint brush 2 weeks ago to spend some time with my 81 year old mom.

I picked up the little grands (5 & 1) and took them with me to mom's country home.  My daughter in law deserved the break as well!  The little grands kept mom and me entertained.  My home town annual rodeo kicked off our fun despite the 114 F. heat.  A local western wear shop helped the kids create personalized rodeo t-shirts.  There were short visits to the barn yard to feed the horses, early morning picniks, outdoor playtime with sidewalk chalk and late evenings watching the Bull Bat birds swoop through the sky after insects.   Inside activities included drawing, painting, tin can robot building, play dough, sheet/bedspread tents, baking and stick horse racing.
We passed several of these on the highway near my mom's.  They are HUGE!

This is where those huge propellers end up.  A wind farm that stretches for miles outside Vernon, Texas.

Calling to the horses
This is what shows up on your camera when left within reach of a 5 yr old!

When summer heat reaches 114 F, playground time starts with an early morning breakfast picnik.
The menu:  ego waffles, sausage sticks, apple slices, Juicy Juice, and the all important WATER!
There were 4 wonderful slides, climbing walls, a climbing dome and balance beams.  Little Girl Grand spent a lot of time on the beams, we had been wathcing the Olympics all week.

Once in a "BLUE MOON" happens when there are 2 full moons in a month.
This is a blue moon.
How do you deal with extreme heat or cold and young people?

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