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Fall decorating

I've got the fall bug, for sure.  We finished the kitchen update several days ago and I knew the deep cleaning would be done today.  Last night my dreams were full of fall decorating ideas and I could hardly wait for day light to get started.

I've packed away a good bit of the items we've collected over the years and put another sizable group of things aside for a garage sale.  As I started with the staging today I decided to challenge myself to use only things rediscovered as I was packing.  

I began in the center section on the 9 foot shelf across the top of the sink.  I decided the strongest color statement would go there.  I used some mismatched wine glasses from a  Christmas decoration project several years ago to hoiste up some candles that I attached fall leaves to using raffia.  They were too light against the Antique White paint so after several options failed to meet my expectations I went to the game closet and pulled out a checker board.  Some Halloween pumpkins turned backward for fall finished off the center section.
To the left is a large wooden bowl hubs carved for me many years ago (I just love the wood projects he makes by hand!), an old oil can and a black sprayed frame filled with raffia and a fall leaf. Easy peasie...

To the right is a replica garden gate, Apple cake plate and another treasured wooden bowl hubs made.  :)
Over the fridge is my sewing basket dressed up with some turkey feathers  and two laterns from hubs collection. 

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