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Aging Terracotta

And disposing of chemicals

The kitchen cabinets are finished.  A beautiful change from light walnut to a dark espresso stain.  Now what to do about the paint brush and cleaning fluid?  I read up on safe disposal and  our city recycling rules.  It's not easy to get rid of old paint, stain and cleaning liquids.  I used a minimal amount of mineral spirits in an old glass jar to dilute the stain off the paint brush.  That worked pretty well.  But now...there is that 1/2 Cup of mineral spirit dark with stain.  It actually didn't take me long to come up with a solution.  I looked out the kitchen window at a number of terracotta pots that could use some help.  I used the brush  to give a stain bath to some terracotta pots.  I really quite like the affect, even the drippy texture, so, decided to share this little trick with you.  When I had used up  all the liquid and the brush was no longer filled with stain, I washed the brush out with warm soapy water per instructions on the mineral spirit can.  Now I'm wondering if I made a purposeful batch of this super thin stain and mopped it on my concrete patio, how would that look?  And I wouldn't have to store the left over stain in the garage... hmmm.
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