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You know you're "vintage" when...

You know you are "vintage" when:

  • The typewriter you learned to type on in high school shows up on the Antique Roadshow.
  • When your grandchild finds an old four sided camera flash cube in the kitchen junk drawer and wants to know "what is that?"
  • When Hobby Holly's lunch box comes up on Pinterest as "I remember when" and you know your YOUNGER sister had one. (she's still mad at me for painting in and carrying it as a purse)
  • You know how to turn off the TV without a remote.
  • You can set up a "vintage" mantel vignette from your wedding gifts.
  • When you start to hoard old junk because you just know there will be a neat use for it on Pinterest soon.
  • When you read a story to your grand kids about "grandma's attic" and you have one.
  • You can make a canning jar lid wreath, and you didn't have to buy the lids.
  • And all those old Ball canning jars in the garage...are collectible!
  • When you hear someones cell ring tone...and it sounds like you remember the rotary phones USED to.
 (If you're wondering what "rotary" aren't vintage.)

How about you.  Are you "vintage"?


  1. Never thought I'd be vintage, but I'm starting to fit these descriptions.

  2. If I'm not quite vintage yet, I'm at least on the outskirts of "classic"!

    BTW, not too long ago I was digging through a junk drawer at my grandma's and found not one of those flash CUBES, but one of the new-fangled flash BARS! Man, I thought it was cool when those came out!


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