Toddler day 6 texture collage |For what it's worth

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Toddler day 6 texture collage

7/12 Texture.  Love this rustic Americana art in my Sister In Law's junk garden.

Big Girl Grand accompanied Great Grand today.  We took a field trip to Pet Smart to look at the fish, guinea pigs, dogs and cats.  They were grooming 3 dogs that great grand found quite interesting.  We ate  lunch at Rosa's Cafe.  They have good taco's, but the tortilla's are the prized food there... and the Peach Tea!

After nap time we explored textures and created a fun collage and chased balloons.
glue, assorted beans, cereal, stickers, pre inked stamps for the collage.

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  1. mmm-- tacos and tortillas. I am planning nachos for dinner tomorrow, and reading about yummy Mexican food just makes me want it quicker. ;-)

    Love SIL's art.


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