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Toddler day 3 stringing straws

7/9  Big boots on a little boy.
photo a day July
What little boy doesn't like to play in mud?

After the morning walk and a little muddy play in the back yard, some string art was the thing for enticing the great grand inside out of the heat.  After a short distraction using the kid safety scissors to cut up an old envelope, we got down to business making "stuff".
Cut a length of string (ours was 2' long). 
Wrap a piece of tape around one end to form a "needle".
Tie a big loop or knot in the other end to keep the pieces on the string. 
Cut several straws into short pieces. 
Let him string them up.
The 2 yr old is creative too. 
He asked for his fruit loops and quickly discovered they fit on the string too!
Gr Grandad joined in the fun too.

Later we discovered the straw pieces fit onto the little flag pole from the July 4th celebrations.


  1. So much fun! And the "big" photo is adorable!

    1. Thanks Cheri, I am having loads of fun with him.


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