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Toddler day 2 FOIL art

Who knew foil was so entertaining?  Gram Sissy needed a piece of foil so I ripped of a piece for her when she dropped off great grand. The curious toddler (I may start calling him Curious George!) wanted to know what it was.  When told it was aluminum foil, he studied it closely.  So I ripped off another sheet and offered it to him.  For well over an hour he played with it.  He looked at his amusing reflection, drew on it with crayon, tossed it in the air and watched it float down and we shaped it into objects he could guess what they were. 
New definition of foil art!
Bauble bottle.  Let toddler fill with glitter pom poms & 1" pieces of curly ribbon & water. Shake shake shake and watch.
A piece of foil becomes a mirror, art paper, parachute or dragon fly. 

If it has a string, it will take a walk!
7/2 photo a day July.  Best part of the day.

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  1. Well, sure, foil's cool! And I *love* that pic of him walking his toys.


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