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Small Bathroom Make Over

The master bedroom bathroom is a tiny space and was very dark.  The old ochre color paint and brown cabinetry made the space anything but pleasant.  The brighter Glidden "Antique Beige" (GLN09) walls with glossy white cabinetry & trim make a huge difference.  I left the "Rainy Day Blue" ceilings with clouds because I like them.   You can view the complete project at the One Year Project
If you want to try this, it was an easy project too. Paint the ceiling blue, then use wadded up plastic grocery bags to dab on white clouds.

Do you have a small bathroom make over to share?
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  1. You did a really good job--much brighter and more spacious looking than the before pics. And I've always liked sky/cloud motifs.

    I was going to give you the secret to inserting a link, and then I realized it wouldn't work, because I don't use the blogger post editor. I write in Windows Live Writer; I find it to be much more user friendly and WYSIWYG. If you haven't ever used it, you might give it a try.

  2. How do I change to Windows Live Writer?


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