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A Texas welcome party

I have a large extended family that loves to get together.  Last night one of my cousins hosted a pre-wedding party for her niece and fiance.  He is from France and speaks limited English.  He and several of his family and friends were treated to a "Texas" welcome party at a roping arena.  Now, this arena is a very nice indoor facility with a lot of amenities.  There were calf roping lessons, horse riding lessons, karaoke, Texas BBQ, roasted corn, baked beans, cobblers, cake and home made ice cream.  My cousin cooked the food...the girl knows how to cook!

I'm disappointed I don't have more photo's to share, my Sony Cybershot is wearing out and most of the photo's are way to blurry to share.  I headed to Best Buy to get a new and much nicer camera today.  Here are a few that are still a bit blurry, but fun.


  1. What a fun way to welcome someone to the family!

    My pocket camera wore out back around the holidays. Since I purchased a new DSLR last summer, I haven't been able to justify another camera just for convenience, but, boy, I sure do wish I could! Looking forward to seeing pics from your new toy.

  2. I would think anyone from Europe would LOVE this kind of party! My Father in law is from Denmark. The danes love cowboy things. The pics you posted are wonderful. My hubby just got me a Sony Cybershot, and oh how I love it.


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