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Work buddies

A pleasant surprise for the start of my day.  An old friend and former boss called this morning.  She was in my neighborhood for a dental appointment and invited me to meet for breakfast.  We spent over two hours reminesing old times, old acquaintences and new futures.  I remembered how I enjoyed working for and with her for eight years.  She was a very good school principal with a very sound sight for the children.  We had a great working relationship where I felt valued and utilized for my talents.  I remembered how I used to tease her for being so readable when she was angered about something.  She told me she had shared with her current workers that I would calm her down with my attempt at humor stating "Your head is spinning and any minute you'll be spewing green pea soup."  [this description is from a 1973 horror movie scene in The Exorcist]  It usually worked.  Ahh, the old days. 

Do you have a pleasant memory of a work buddy?

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  1. Yay for happy surprises! Glad you got to have a nice visit.

    I have many more pleasant memories of work friends than I have of actual work--I'm not sure if that's entirely a good thing, but it is what it is. Having become unexpectedly unemployed earlier this year, I find that I really miss some of my co-workers.


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