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Today in the photo challenge I revealed something about myself not many people know, if any.  I journal and have most of my adult years...which is a lot of years [LOL]  I must have a subconscious desire to be a writer.  I have several bound books that contain everything from my New Year's Resolutions, dreams [literally], memories, gardening notes to medical history.  For fun, I randomly opened one of the older books and here is what I had written.

I used to believe forever was infinite - like a sunset.  A destination you can not reach.
Now I believe forever is yesterday, today and tomorrow.  A time in my heart and soul that no one can touch but me.


  1. Not surprising, then, that you'd ultimately end up blogging, is it? I kept a journal intermittently as a young person, but I never was very consistent about it. The very first blog post I ever wrote talked about that, and whether there are "rules" for journaling (or blogging). But I think it's neat that you can go back to random days in your past and see what you were thinking and feeling. And someday your children/grandchildren will think it's a blessing to be able to revisit your thoughts in your very own writing.

    Do you continue your journals now, even though you've begun blogging?

  2. I do still journal, though not as often. Blogging is a bit too public for some thoughts and feelings.


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