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The Stetson

One of my dad's winter felt cowboy hats (a Stetson) hangs on a bedroom wall along with a collection of straw and felt hats my son wore through his growing up years.  His hero's were always cowboys, especially his grandad.  Those cowboy hats symbolize an era almost gone.  Men who worked from daylight till dark in the grueling sun. 

Dad loved taking the grand kids to the local western store right before summer rodeo to buy new hats and boots.  It is some of their favorite memories (and mine).  I still like going in that store because part of the decor is a tin roof that juts out from the back wall where the farmers "retired" their sweat stained worn out hats by tossing them on top of that tin roof.  I don't know which ones belonged to my dad - but just knowing they are there gives me comfort.

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  1. Nice picture; I like it when there's a story to go along. I have an old straw cowboy hat and a beat up pair of cowboy boots that belonged to my grandpa. I used to borrow them whenever we'd have western days at school, and when he passed, I just felt like they needed to be mine. It's strange the way such objects can hold so much meaning.


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